After lengthy debate with the committee, and much research, (due to the coronavirus) I have decided that the most responsible course of action is to cancel this coming Thursday’s Club Night. While it is true that for most people the symptoms are mild and that it is generally only serious for people who are elderly or have pre-existing medical conditions, I believe we need to practice our ethic of people care by not contributing to the potential spread of the disease in a confined indoor environment.

I am working with our webmaster and the guest speakers who have been invited for Thursday, to organise a recording of the presentations which we will post on our website. At this stage we do not anticipate live streaming, but whatever we organise, please watch our website for details—we are in uncharted waters! At this stage we plan to continue with our outdoor events for this weekend and next, but again, please refer to our website for any changes.

Now is the most important time to embrace Permaculture practices. Yesterday I read a very pertinent article from Morag Gamble, My Permaculture Life. At the time of publishing this newsletter I have not been able to get Morag’s permission to reproduce it here—so I have included a link here. In summary she recommends 3 very valuable suggestions; grow us much as we can, share generously, and share permaculture knowledge.

Please stay safe and keep healthy.

Latha Matters