The “Getting to know you/us” exercise at our last club night yielded some great information. Thanks to all who took part. We learned that community and connection is the most important thing for us about  permaculture, closely followed by sharing and learning together, particularly about how to grow our own food and to prepare for the future. Many of us also emphasise connecting to the land and working with nature.

In terms of being part of Permaculture Noosa, we discovered that for people relatively new to permaculture and/or to the club, club nights are valued for the chance to hear from guest speakers, learn practical skills about how to grow sustainably in the subtropics, connect with like minded people, and gain local knowledge.

And it seems that most people newer to the club simply want the club to keep doing what it’s currently doing, with the emphasis on learning and sharing what we know. There was also mention of having fun.

For those people who have been members for some time, we stay connected to the club because it provides us with learning opportunities, supports our lifestyle, gives us the chance to meet with like minded people, and helps us feel part of a community. We also enjoy getting along to open gardens.

As long time members we are happy with the things the club is currently doing, with comments about there being lots happening and the club seeming vibrant at the moment. There was however mention of being keen to learn more about how to use the food we grow, and to bring back permablitzes (working bees on member’s properties).

We’ll be encouraging more conversations at our next club night (although without the pen and paper this time!), to see what else we can learn about our members, both old and new.