Hi All
There has been a request that the Permaculture Committee organise some excursions throughout the year.
I have put up my hand to see if I can bring this to fruition.
With this in mind, I’m looking for your guidance as to where and what you might like to visit and even which days suit best. I’m open to your suggestions.
To inspire some feedback I remember some past excursions:

  • Wendy organised an excursion to Green Harvest and a range of other spots along the way.
  • Tom organised a group bus trip to Geoff Lawton’s Zaytuna Farm in northern NSW for a few days.
  • A trip to Kin Kin to see some farms etc has been mentioned.
  • One Permaculture member has mentioned they would love to visit Shane Joyce’s Community Farm in Kilkivan. (Don’t tell Shane – I’m just throwing out ideas to get you motivated to give me your ideas.)

Whether I organise a bus, or we carpool, go on weekends, or weekdays, far or close, just give me some ideas so I can make it happen in 2019.
My initial thought is we aim for 2 or 3 excursions in the next 12 months. (I look forward to your feedback.)
Please email your thoughts directly to me at [email protected] or text or call on 049 775 4486– No idea is too crazy, just keep your thoughts coming and I’ll see what I can do.

Happy Permaculture Days to you all
Dee xx
(Dee Humphreys)