Longtime Permaculture Noosa member and ex president Elisabeth Fekonia has had a fall and broken her leg. We hope that someone (more than one if possible) can help her in her hour of need:

“I have broken my leg last week Thursday and I will be out of action for several weeks. I’m looking for someone who would like to be my assistant for when I resume my classes again on the 23rd of September in Brisbane. I have two 3 hour classes to teach there and if I could have a volunteer or two come along to help carry boxes and set up for the class then you will have lots of tuition at the same time. I’m also looking to go to Kingaroy for weekend of 30th of September and 1st of October. It will be a three night stay in accomodation where I will provide for all cost. On both trips I will need that person to drive my car as I will have a cast on until later in October. I may also need some help at home to prepare the ferments I need to teach with before the mentioned dates. Please contact me by phone on 0432180523. Elisabeth Fekonia many thanks.”