Permaculture Noosa Seed Bank

Cosmos bipinnatus


I’ve fallen in love with Cosmos. I planted the seeds, the yellow single ones from our seed bank, not really knowing much about them, but from the show they are putting on in my garden, I am now convinced that they will be a regular in my garden each year. So if you want something spectacular to grow, find a spot that’s has lousy soil, full sun and dry conditions and some sort of support for the windy days.

Cosmos, Monty Don one my favorite English garden writer/TV presenters describes them well, “lovely ferny foliage, elegant blooms in any colour you like that’ll keep flowering for months and are just out of this world.” What more could one want?

These fabulous annual/flowers are native to Mexico, grow to 1.5 meters tall and will bloom all summer and well into autumn as long as you dead head regularly. They don’t like rich fertile soil or too much fertilizer either nor are they particular about the soil pH but a well drained soil is necessary.

Cosmos, available with single, semi, and double blooms in a large range of colours, are easy to grow, low maintenance and readily self seed without becoming a nuisance. They are fast growing too and it’s not long before you have the bees and butterflies hovering amongst the blooms, and an abundance of beautiful cut flowers.

So this outstanding and versatile plant, loving as it does, drought and neglect, suits me and my garden in Wallum country very well. So if you haven’t already tried these seeds have a go and see what happens, I bet you will be converted to the wonderful Cosmos. They are available from Permaculture Noosa Seed bank, the variety we have is a single bloom in an intense orange/yellow colour.

Happy Gardening

Sue Anderson

Seed bank Coordinator

[email protected]

January 2018