Everything continues to flourish in the garden this month as the rain continues. The ephemeral pond at the front of the garden is noisy with frogs and has a thriving Kan Kong plant around one side.  As there were some beautiful turmeric plants in pots in the greenhouse which were begging to be planted out, some have been used as edging at the pond in the hope that they’ll somewhat quell the grasses invading that space.

March is an excellent time to germinate and grow all manner of seedlings and we’ve started planting out the vegie gardens after the long hot summer.  We’re planting in circles this time instead of rows and hope to trial “Olla” pots for watering purposes.  These are clay pots which are sealed, buried and filled with water. The water then seeps into the surrounding earth to irrigate the plants.  They need filling only once or twice a week which is perfect for our garden which is tended only twice a week.  For more information on Olla pots, look at https://www.gardensall.com/olla-pot/

The Community Garden has hosted 2 Harvest Swap events in the last month and plans to hold them regularly on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month.  Bring along any surplus produce to swap, stop for a chat and perhaps stay to help in the garden.

Working Bees from March to May between 8am – 10.30am.

Harvest Swap from March to May 9am.