Everyone’s talking about FOOD SECURITY! With flooding, disrupted food supply chains, and a spike in petrol prices, we’ve heard a lot of these conversations recently. We are so grateful to our volunteers who are investing time and energy into building community resilience, with permaculture and food, in the heart of Cooroy

We are growing soil. We are growing organic food. We are growing community. We are investing in our health. You don’t have to spend an ever-increasing amount of money on plastic wrapped organic produce. We are here to help you learn and we welcome anyone who wishes to contribute to building a bright and healthy future.


On Wednesday mornings the Cooroy Community Gardens are buzzing!

  • We have tackled the overgrown jungle entrance, giving our native trees some breathing space and allowing us to review the design of the entrance.
  • The paving is down for our pizza oven! Stay tuned for more details!
  • The shipping container is prepped and ready for a beautiful transformation. Mural coming soon!
  • We have started work on the retaining wall and seating behind the pavilion slab
  • See images below!

Last week, after the work was done, the kids ran off to explore the epic new Cooroy adventure playground! All agreed it was lots of fun!

Everyone who joins us on Wednesday mornings walks away with a smile on their face (and some cuttings for their home gardens, a posy of flowers, and greens for dinner!) We can see our renewed vision starting to take shape


Our next WORKSHOP May 1st

Join us on Sunday the 1st of May from 8 -11am at Cooroy Community Gardens to start the month off with our permaculture workshop.

Members FREE – Non Members a gold coin donation

This month our workshop will be all about Compost, what it is, why it’s important for soil health and how we can make it.

The plan for the morning will involve creating a massive compost pile! We’ll go through the steps involved and the materials required to supercharge the creation of this black gold that will significantly improve the fertility of our gardens.

Please save and bring along any food scraps that you have available.

The workshop will be followed by shared morning tea with tea/coffee available – where discussions around composting and permaculture as a whole, will be encouraged.

Matt and Katie

CCG Coordinators

[email protected]