We love the Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens but we also feel that it needs a little revamp and we need your help! What do YOU want to see in the gardens? How do you want it to flow? Do you want a medicinal garden? What about a seating circle? And where do we put all of these things? How can we best harvest the water? Where in the garden gets the most sun? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Want to learn how to find the answers??

WELL! Pop on down to the gardens this Sunday, 20th September at 11.45am to register and join an amazing group of locals to learn how to design a community garden!! Taking all of the permaculture principles into account, you will learn how to read the sun, wind, water, and energy of the land and then put together your very own plan! We are totally blessed to have the wonderful local permaculturist Aaron Mears running the workshop (such a treat! This man knows his stuff and really knows how to have a laugh!) and you will also be able to meet all of the beautiful volunteers who spend lots of time in the gardens.

The workshop is by donation with all proceeds going straight into the garden. The workshop begins at 12 noon and will wrap up around 5 pm. Please bring your own water, drinks, snacks etc. You’ll also need a notepad and pen, sun hat and raincoat.

We look forward to seeing you there and cannot wait to build this buzzing community hub together!