1. Organise a photo op for the hand-over from previous group to PN group.
  2. Get photo and story in Cooroy Rag and Noosa News.
  3. Design billboard brochures bringing public awareness to the CCG and days when people meet there.
  4. Design letter box flyer and price distribution by local postie.
  5. Organise an Open Air Movie Night, showing Rainbow Valley Farm DVD and Stuck in the Middle DVD, and do an organic sausage sizzle beforehand, with a walking tour of the garden.
  6. Put a sign up near the street.
  7. Get the green council sign the PN offered to pay for.
  8. Speak to local restaurants about the CCG’s using their green waste for a worm farm.
  9. Grow specific herbs or veggies to supply local restaurants as requested.
  10. Invite other community groups to meet there for ….any reason.
  11. Have a music event to bring in the younger generation.
  12. Have school tours which would include a pick and make your lunch.

Author: Vic Bateman (Vice President, Permaculture Noosa)