Where to Begin:

  1. Introduction to Permaculture – One hour sessions perhaps occasional Saturday and/or Sunday mornings. Gold coin donation.
  1. Schools Visit- perhaps having each class responsible for their own section at the Gardens.
  1. Establish Steering Committee – Core Group
  1. Valley Bees set up native bees at CCG.
  1. Set up facebook page with post on a weekly basis of what is happening at CCG. Michelle offered to set up fb page.
  1. Notice on IGA Blueboard
  1. Seed sales & seedlings sales.
  1. Membership?????
  1. Sausage sizzle for locals to brainstorm what direction they would like to see.(Seek Council Approval)
  1. CCG sign on the front boundary. (Seek Council Approval)

Negative that exist

No watering system

No power supply

Electric pump not being used.

No toilet facilities.

Author: Wendy Strathearn, Treasurer, Permaculture Noosa