1. Discuss what should be done/ given out by Caroline at the market day on the 7th Oct.
2. What needs to be done to ‘tidy’ up the gardens prior to OPEN DAY.
3. Discussion and approval of some ads I have done to go on noticeboards introducing the new CCG and inviting people to register their interest for the OPEN DAY and beyond.
4. Come up with a POA (plan of action) for the open day whenever it happens. ( including who will do what)
5………………….6………………7……………… please add to this list……
My thoughts about the way things COULD pan out are as follows…..
1. On the OPEN DAY, maybe Val or someone could give a tour and 15 min talk about whats happened to date (or Nick if he wanted to attend). Perhaps Permaculture principles should be discussed at the same time for the benefit of members of the public who are there.
2. We should have a large printout of the PLAN for the CCG that Nicks team had drawn up.
3. A group discussion to decide on who will be on a steering committee ( and who will undertake the different roles on that committee).
4. A decision on how often working bee’s are to happen at the markets. Details such as signing in? Signed forms for safety and PN group indemnity regarding accidents. Distribution of food grown. How the CCG can be used for education purposes.
Movie nights. And the Marketing Plan.
5. At some point, we do a photo op for  a newspaper story.
That’ll do for now.
Author: Vic Bateman, Vice President, Permaculture Noosa