On Sunday May 1st – CCG was alive once again abuzz with activity 🙌🏼

The compost workshop began with a discussion of composting methods, why composting is so beneficial, what goes into it, how long it takes to ‘cook’ and how to maintain a compost pile.

Compost needs 4 things to thrive: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and water. This basic principle is what helped guide the process.

The method we chose to use for this compost pile is that of ‘hot composting’ – we utilised a resource that Noosa council has in ABUNDANCE – green waste!

As you can see in the photos, we had a generous pile of double grind mulch from Noosa council – the green waste from our green bins is ground into a fine mulch, and sits in huge piles at the Noosa tip. A resource our shire could no doubt utilise more!

This is our first test with the green waste double grind mulch. We are composting it down, along with food scraps, comfrey, QLD arrowroot, dried crunchy banana fronds, clay from the CCG fill, coffee grounds, horse manure and twigs and sticks (at base for aeration).

We layered these ingredients in a lasagne-like fashion, with a general approach to making sure the pile is not too carbon heavy nor too nitrogen heavy. A fine balance perfected by refined eyeballing and team intuition 😉.

We will let this pile do it’s thing for a number of months, letting it sit and decompose into broken down organic matter.

The aim is to see how the Noosa council mulch behaves and what result we get.

We will test pH, for any unwanted pathogens, chemical / herbicide residues and for plastics etc.

Our hope is that we can prove to Noosa council how beneficial and incredible this resource is and how it could be used to regenerate land in our locality.

Stay tuned 🤞🏼


Our next Permaculture Workshop at CCG will be on Sunday, May 29th from 8:30-11:30am.

This month we will be looking at a permaculture favourite – the ‘mandala garden’ and the opportunities that exist within a circular garden with varying layers. It’s going to be an incredible day of team work and broadening our food growing knowledge. We hope to see you there!

Permaculture Workshops at CCG are free for members and $2 for non-members.

Please bring a plate of morning tea to share🙏🏼

Matt and Katie
[email protected]