Hi Folks
Happy New Year to you all

We’re starting a little community initiative you may be interested in

We’ll be…
– holding a regular stall at the Pomona markets
– selling produce from our home gardens and our wellness garden program
– the proceeds of the sales are pooled
– the funds will be used to bulk buy materials (eg seaweed meals &
solutions, minerals & trace elements, nutrients, seeds etc…)
– these will be distributed in exchange for people who either
volunteer on the stall or offer their produce for the stall

the purpose includes:
– support participants to access materials & resources for their home garden
– promote the wellness garden program at that place in pomona and the big house
– to grow a community of food gardeners & a culture of working
together to create an abundance of good food for all
– support & build capacity of food gardeners to grow nutrient dense
food naturally
– share learn from one another along with …fun & friendship…

Amanda Bennet is going to coordinate the initiative

Amanda, Georgia & I will be holding a stall at Pomona market, saturday 11 feb

please feel free to share with your networks


Warm Regards

Dan, Amanda, Georgia