I know we have all been waiting for this, and the time has come! Club nights are returning on the first Tuesday of every month (change was inevitable after the year that was)! The first evening will be on Tuesday the 2nd of March at Cooroy Memorial Hall starting at 6.30pm with a night of raffles, an amazing guest speaker, chit chat & shared supper.

Who is the guest speaker you may ask? You are in for a treat! Kane Dabbouss from Red Soil Organics will be gracing us with his presence, walking us gently into the world of Biodynamics! Red Soil Organics specialise in Sustainable/Biodynamic agriculture, food forest systems, property design, 1 on 1 backyard training, urban agriculture, and peri urban agriculture systems. With a passion for biodynamics, they understand that we need to contribute to the wellness of our environment and the people that inhabit it. It will be a wonderful evening and a great way to kick start the return of our Club Nights!

Find out more about Red Soil Organics here –  RED SOIL ORGANICS REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE – Home

RAFFLE PRIZE with a difference – This year we have decided to put a new spin on the prizes we raffle at our club nights. In the essence of sharing excess, sharing resources & uniting community we will be calling forth contributions to the raffle from members & public alike! On the evening, before the raffle is drawn, we will allocate a basket in which you can place home made goods, seedlings, excess produce or anything you’d wish to contribute! This goodies box will then be drawn with the lucky winner not only taking home an awesome prize, but also taking home lots of love & shared joy! So please do join in and contribute to the raffle with a difference 🙂