We are thrilled to have Heidi Merika back as Guest Speaker at Club Night. Heidi will be talking about taste as an indicator of medicinal qualities in wild plants. How different tastes such as sweet, sour, salty, or pungent can give us information about the phytonutrients in the plant and its actions on the body. We will also get to taste local wild plants as examples.

Heidi is an experienced naturopath and medical herbalist, educator, and author. She runs regular courses and workshops both online and in person and is a regular guest speaker at conferences, seminars, and community events.

Her book Wildcraft. The science and spirit of wild plants as food and medicine contains some of the most comprehensive research on the topic of wild plants to date.

You can find Heidi here: Website    Facebook    Instagram

In addition to Heidi we will have our own President Tom, give an insight into one of his many passions – BIOCHAR!

Doors open at 6:00 pm.

Markets: Plants, Seeds, Produce and more! You are welcome to share surplus home grown produce and plants by giving, exchanging, or selling

At 6:30 pm our presentation begins.

Raffle Donation: Our community raffle is a community effort. Please bring anything you wish to donate to the raffle, whether it be excess produce, homemade goodies or little crafty bits and bobs!

Bring A Plate: Please “bring a plate” along for our shared supper after our main speaker.

Entry is a $5 donation for non-members. There is no charge for members.

Do consider bringing friends or neighbours to our meetings. It’s how we grow the group and may be inspiring to them as well. As always, you will leave the meeting better informed!


April Club Night Recap

Last month PermaQueer gave a us a good shake up – physically and mentally! The last 2 years have been unprecedented in so many ways. Bushfires, Covid, Floods – so many things that have made many people question the structures and support that exists in our society. Guy and Toad are wonderful presenters, accommodating to everyone’s needs. They were open, listened to audience members who participated, and were kind and encouraging hosts. They prompted us to think about the “norms” of our society. “Social Norms” can be presented as something that help us all to get along and creates a cohesive community with shared values and behaviours. Guy and Toad flipped that idea on its head. What if “Social Norms” create systems and behaviours that are damaging to people and the environment? Are we blind to the needs of other people, especially vulnerable people, in our community because their normal is different from our own? We need to question everything we think is “normal” and Permaculture ethics and principles provide the framework for alternatives. Guy and Toad shared their stories of covid lockdown, which saw them and many people they knew suddenly without income. By flipping the “norm” and dumpster diving for food, they were able to not only feed themselves, but their friends and community as well. There was so much more to the night, so many interesting ideas, it’s hard to summarise here. Hopefully Toad and Guy will be back to share with us some more. We can’t wait!

If you missed PermaQueer here is their recorded talk and their presentation here


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See you there……

Anyone who has genuine financial difficulties and cannot afford the entry donation will be excused. We will not turn anyone away.