Be sure to mark this Club Night in your calendar! We are excited and blessed to have Morag Gamble as guest speaker in Feburary.

For the past 25 years, as a Global Permaculture Ambassador, Morag Gamble has led programs in 22 countries. Local food systems and permaculture education have seen her teach in communities and universities around the globe – most recently at Schumacher College in England – and leading a Food Politics course at Griffith University.

Morag lives amidst an award-winning permaculture education garden in a UN recognised permaculture village, and works with city farmers, school farmers, community gardeners, and educators. She sees the direct social and ecological impact of industrial farming on marginalised farming communities around the world – in Indonesia, India and most recently in East Africa.

Morag also mentors Permayouth. From refugee camps to metropolises, they are a network of teenagers from all over the world. Collectively, they want to make a positive change in our communities and are using permaculture to do it.

They believe there is a need to rapidly shift to a one-planet life – to regenerate and repair the planet – and become carbon neutral by 2030. This is part of the significant crisis of our lifetime – the crisis of perception – to create a shift from the wasteful consumer-focused culture to a conscious, regenerative life.

So please join us Feb 1st 2022. More details will come in our Jan Permanews!

Dec Club Night Recap

If you joined us at our last Club Night you would know that Tom Kendall spoke to us about Permaculture Farm Systems. For those who missed it, here is a link to his talk Click Here