Biodynamic Succession Planting, Food Producing, Agroforestry Workshop is on its way!

Save the date! On our club day the 21st of March, we will be so stoked to welcome Kane from Red Soil Organics to the Cooroy Community Gardens to hold a 1.5 hour workshop based around planting a veg consortium syntropic style, with the supporting fertilizer/mulch producing, soil nourishing multi species cover crop to support the bed. Kane will be bringing his biodynamic compost ‘Morpheus’ and some biodynamic preps, to show you how to kickstart any soil type with any level of degradation into high production. He will briefly discuss the moon and her cycles to speed up regeneration and production without compromising ecology, biology or hydrology. We are SOOO EXCITED!

The workshop will begin at 11am on the 21st. The cost will be $2 for Permaculture Noosa Members & $5 for non members. What a BARGAIN! As this is a low-cost event, we highly recommend saving your pennies and buying some of the biodynamic compost that Kane will be selling on the day. Treat your garden & yourself!

Follow the event on Facebook and reach out if you have any questions! See you on Sunday the 21st of March!