At our last Club Day (May) we heard from Guest Speaker Aaron Edwards. Aaron opened our eyes to Biochar and the amazing benefits it offers to our gardens. Biochar is a wonderful product made by burning material (generally wood) in the absence of oxygen, also known as pyrolysis. It plays a huge role in carbon sequestration! Aaron is very passionate about sustainability and sources local waste material to make his Biochar. To contact Aaron for some of his amazing products call 0410 546 664

June Club Day is here!

Join us at 9am on Sunday 20th June, at Cooroy Community Permaculture Gardens (26 Emerald St, Cooroy), to celebrate the Winter Solstice in the southern hemisphere.

The winter solstice (21st June) is the shortest day and longest night of the year. Winter is a time of rest and introspection. As nature and growth slows down in the garden, we do too. The permaculture principle “from patterns to details” can be reflected in our activities at this time of year. Closely observe your garden (and life). What are the big patterns emerging at this time? What details can you design to make effective use of energy – your own energy and the energy of the winter season. For us in the subtropical southern hemisphere, the temperatures are mild, and it is a beautiful time to be in the garden!

9am: Seed Savers – If you have never joined in before, this is a wonderful chance to learn how to save seeds, process and store them. An ancient practice in a modern world!

10.30am: Seed Bomb Workshop – This workshop is to symbolise the planting of seeds for future growth. What do you want to germinate and bring to fruition later in the year, after some winter rest? Cost is $3 (bring along some gardening gloves or be prepared to get your hands dirty!).

11.30am: Harvest Swap – Bring along any excess home grown produce, or even some homemade or home baked goodies, to swap for something else! If you don’t feel you have anything to contribute, your presence is enough. There is always an abundance of produce for everyone to share in.

Tea And Coffee: – Available throughout the day for a gold coin donation to Permaculture Noosa.

If you’re new to permaculture, and have questions about the ethics and principles, members will be available to wander through the gardens with you and answer all your permaculture questions!

Everyone is welcome and we look forward to seeing you all there!