This is a request we received from Nell Azuri, who did a talk to the Permaculture Noosa maybe a year and a half ago about a climate change action group called Citizens’ Climate Lobby:

“I’m just reaching out to my networks to see if anyone can help Farmers for Climate Action find a climate-aware farmer from the Caboolture district. They’re running a community forum before the Longman by-election:
And would love a local farmer to speak for maybe 5-10mins about their experience of climate change on their property.
As you guys are the closest to farmers that I know, I thought I’d just reach out and see if you knew anyone who might know someone… or if you might like to come down to support the forum, though it’s obviously a bit of a drive for you guys. Or even just support Farmers for Climate Action by signing up as a supporter online. It doesn’t cost anything (I’m just a supporter, not one of their volunteers, and clearly not a farmer!).
Regional coordinator
Citizens’ Climate Lobby
0401 512 877 (limited reception at home)
07) 5446 7417