At our AGM in October last year, members voted to adopt a new membership structure to come into effect from August 1 this year. These changes would see the introduction of new volunteer and standard membership categories, and would enable our volunteers to be rewarded for service with a more economical membership fee than the standard membership. These changes would also result in an increase to our standard membership fees.

The committee believes that due to the effects of the Covid 19 lockdown and the fact that many of our usual monthly activities have been put on hold, it is not a good time make changes to our membership fees and categories. For this reason we have voted to postpone this restructuring until August 1, 2021. We have also voted to retain our current low fees for the following 12 months.

While some of our activities will remain on hold for the foreseeable future, we are starting to resume others, and we hope you will stay with us and continue to renew your membership when it is due. More than ever before we need your support, and we will endeavour to continue to support you.

Permaculture Noosa Committee