Mid-November Garden Update:

As we were reminded of just how beautiful a Spring Day can be, the gloves were out and our hands were in the soil for our November working bee.

Our focus for the morning was to take stock of the shade house contents and prepare the mandala garden and neighbouring raised beds for the next planting. Everyone was busy weeding, chopping, and dropping mature plants and mulching the cleared beds.

As the plants and mulch are consumed by the microbial life in the soil over the next few weeks the beds will be perfect for replanting with seedlings our propagation team are preparing. Additionally, the beds will look great for all those who visit the garden over the coming weeks.

Following the working bee, a delicious morning tea was put on with inspiring discussion of future projects and populating the gardens to-do list, an exciting list at that.

A massive thank you to everyone who attended Sunday morning. Can’t wait for the next one.

Introducing new garden co-ordinators:

Hi! We’re the new CCPG co-ordinators Matt and Katie. Having joined Permaculture Noosa early this year, we’re very excited with the vision for the gardens and are looking forward to this opportunity to work with and learn with you all as we create something really special together.

Matt and Katie

[email protected]