Hi All

It was great to have some young energy come along to help out on Sunday.  We got some of the heavy work tasks achieved which is great!  All the sawdust got laid out which completed half the path… and as you saw, we had a huge pile of fresh mulch delivered (we think it was the ETS guys who are lopping footpath trees around Cooroy).  Val took some great pics which are up on fb and have attached some here as well.
We now have the fittings for the taps and can use the hoses more effectively to water the gardens. Thanks to Peter, we have an improved pump and float valve system that means the tank will top itself up automatically….yay!
Latha mentioned that the pile of sawdust and horse poo from the Garden Expo sitting near the compost bays will need to sit for quite some time as it has racehorse poo in it.  Our own chipped mulch is breaking down nicely and can be added to as resources are available.
There is still a huge pile of bark chip in Wattle Street that we can access as required  (didn’t realise how bit it was and how much lovely fungi is growing in it!).
This coming weekend 1st Sept is the Friends of Noosa Botanical Gardens Plant sale (and Fathers Day) and we have a stall there and I know many of you will be there or away etc.  I will go to the gardens at our new start time …8am and if any volunteers turn up we will probably water the gardens and do a bit of weeding etc.
We don’t have anyone nominated yet to be Leader for the rest of September so I have put the roster below and ask that you have a look as let me know what date you are available to come along in September or early October if that suits you better.  It is more important that someone is nominated for each Sunday this month as I am flying to NZ on Monday for a few weeks.
Also, the next Leadership meeting is down for 8th September (gees that came around quick!) so wondering if you want to delay it or still hold it on that day ?
Remember….there is produce in the garden!  The red cabbages are coming along well and plenty of herbs and salad greens and carrots.   Oh and the jonquils planted at the entrance to the gardens are up and flowering and smell devine!!!

September  Roster

8am – 10.30am in September

11/8/19 Julie Leadership Meeting
18/8/19 Michael Seed Savers
25/8/19 Wayne
1/9/19 Julie NBG Plant Fair Stall  (Fathers Day)
8/9/19 Leadership Meeting ???
15/9/19 Seed savers

Have a great week and pls reply with a date that you will be Leader for the morning.

Thank you

Julie J