We got a fair bit planned and achieved at the meeting and if we can get more interest from members on Club night we can forge ahead even more successfully.  Attached are the minutes.  Let me know if I have missed anything.
Big thanks to Tom for the sawdust delivery and the chipper and all his hard work.  Forgot to take a before and after pic (Doh!) but we now have a lovely pile of mulch and two very orderly looking compost bays.  One has the chipped mulch and one with some lovely wormy soil in it ready to go on the gardens next week.
Thanks also to Wayne for installing a switch for the water pump so it will mean turning on the pump is much easier.  Wayne and Michael have thoughtfully moved the solar panel so we can get more sunlight in winter when the gardens really need the extra water.  Thanks also for cutting the hose J
I have attached a couple of pics from the gardens and also something on Nasturtiums that I saw on a respected fb page recently…..seeing as they love growing in our gardens we could be taking more advantage of their great properties!
Have a great week