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Cooroy Community Gardens Progress Log

Cooroy Community Garden update

COMPOST WORKSHOP IN REVIEW  On Sunday May 1st - CCG was alive once again abuzz with activity 🙌🏼The compost workshop began with a discussion of composting methods, why composting is so beneficial, what goes into it, how long it takes to ‘cook’ and how to maintain a compost pile.Compost needs 4 [...]

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President’s Message – April 2022

Hello Permaculture Family, All is growing nicely at Permaculture Noosa. The Pavilion is coming along at a swift pace with enormous support from the entire team. A special thanks to Sandra, the project manager, for her ambitious work with organising turf around the slab, new retaining wall/seating, and the [...]

Honouring Generous Local Businesses

Big thanks to Noosa Turf for the generous discount they applied to the supply and laying of the turf recently laid around the slab of our pavilion. If you need turf, then these are your guys. We highly recommend them. Also, a thank you to Evans Painting and Rendering [...]

Have Your Say!

We're sure that you've noticed the developments at the Cooroy Community Gardens recently. We're as excited as you are with the progress. We'd love you to contribute to the vision of the Cooroy Community Gardens so we've put together the following survey to gather any and all feedback and [...]

Cooroy Community Gardens – Workshop May 1st and Update

Everyone's talking about FOOD SECURITY! With flooding, disrupted food supply chains, and a spike in petrol prices, we've heard a lot of these conversations recently. We are so grateful to our volunteers who are investing time and energy into building community resilience, with permaculture and food, in the heart [...]

Thanks Bunnings!

A huge shout-out to the staff at Bunnings, especially Siobhan - who hands out the generous community funding. Last year she gifted our Cooroy Community Gardens $300 in gift vouchers on behalf of the hardware giant, which we used for organic potting mix to propagate plants to raise funds [...]

Meet our Pavilion Designer

Introducing Brett Grimely and his team from Ecolibrium Designs. Established over 15 years ago, Ecolibrium Designs have created unique, award-winning designs that are environmentally responsive, responsible, and inspirational to live in. We work together with our clients to create beautiful and sustainable homes that will stand the test of [...]

March in the Cooroy Community Gardens

Autumn is here! and with the change of season comes the delightful task of planning for the growing season. On the last Sunday of the month, the 27th of March, from 8:30am - 11:30am we will be having our monthly “Garden Masterclass” at the Cooroy Community Gardens - 26 [...]

President’s Message – Feb 2022

We are off to a huge start this year with the pouring of the slab for the Pavilion.  Time was of the essence and Paul, Maxbuild Constructions, got the job done in time to meet the acquittal deadline for our gambling grant. The slab itself is a masterpiece and holds the [...]

Introducing Recor Consulting

Josh Overell - Structural Engineer from Recor Consulting is another great fit in our Pavilion team. Together Creating Sustainable and Lasting Benefit is the first thing you see on their website and it’s what excites us about working with him. Permaculture Noosa is grateful to have Josh and his [...]


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