I’m looking for someone who might be able to have me work for them to extend my Visa.

A little about me: I am 40, Canadian, have been studying/practicing permaculture for over 12 years

Successfully raised and sold compost worms / nursery plants in Canada for 4 years, worked at 2 organic farms, and ran a successful community garden plot for 5 years

Improved 6 properties so far in the sunshine coast using permaculture techniques and practices 

I also have a background in building maintenance, and a degree in computer programming 

Very keen on living and growing food in the Sunshine Coast/ Gympie area

I am running out of time on my visa, if possible can you spread the word through the permaculture group to see if anyone can help or has ideas on me becoming a resident of Australia? I am ideally looking for a work sponsor, but am open to any and all ideas.

Many thanks, Cheers!


[email protected]