Got any change lying around? Fifty cents maybe? What value does it really hold? Keep reading to find out.

It was so good to see so many smiling faces at our recent Club Night and some friendly new people who we can’t wait to get to know better! Community and togetherness are key aspects of permaculture, the sense that whatever you are facing, someone in your community can help in some way by sharing their advice, support or experience.

Membership is the perfect way to create for yourself that sense of belonging, it is so affordable and key to keeping the community alive. There is no source of nourishment for our tribe other than memberships and donations for the day to day needs of the community gardens. And that’s how it should be, the members supporting the community that supports its members is the very definition of self-sustainability. Everyone who gives their time to make things happen gives it freely, and we are all – yourself included no doubt, so grateful for every little thing we all do for each other and our wonderful community. This means that any money we can gather from membership can be used for things like a propagation shed, tools, another water tank and all the little things needed to make our community gardens thrive.

But, unlike the resources of love, caring and friendship that we all share in Permaculture Noosa, we are coming up a bit short on the financial resources department. If everyone who attended the meeting last month decided to become a paid member, that would go a long way. At the moment only 50% of people are members, which is great, but imagine if we get everyone on board how our garden would thrive. At only $25 for twelve months (that’s less than fifty cents a week. Fifty cents! Pocket change!) you would be helping so much, and here is what you get:

  • Free entry to our monthly Club Nights with special guest speakers
  • Free Entry to monthly Cooroy Community Gardens Masterclasses/workshops
  • Access to locally harvested seeds by members
  • Access to locally propagated seedlings/plants by members
  • Discounted entry at monthly Open Gardens
  • Learn to Seed Save
  • Monthly Permanews e-newsletter
  • Member Only emails to events and updates
  • Access to like-minded people growing community

All of these benefits PLUS the knowledge that you are instrumental in the community’s day to day existence. Such a small ask for such endless rewards. As you walk around the space, when you walk into a meeting, when you attend a workshop, when you pour a cup of tea at a seed saving workshop you know this is all your doing. Yours and your fellow members. Nourishing yourself and each other in a way that makes the world truly a better place.

“So, you want to know the value of that 50 cents change? Well, there it is. The truth is this: Change is Invaluable.

Click Here to become a member today!