Permaculture Noosa was able to revamp a swale system left unattended by the previous property owner.
Caroline and Giles will now be able to go forward after the PN group attended the Living Bee on Sunday 2nd December.
Sheet-mulching was the task and resources from their newly purchased property where collected and used.
It was a very hot morning and an early start ( 8:30) got the task fast forwarded to complete at 10am. We all have been watching the signs from nature and knew a weather change was on its way. Two days after this locking in of moisture and nutrients down came some needed rain. Sometimes food production needs hot work done to be ready for the growing season.
A big thank you Caroline and Giles for asking for help to revamp your Food Forest swale.
Thank you also for your hospitality afterwards, providing a light meal with others bringing a plate to share. A morning of learning and sharing, plus true blue sweat.
Living Bee will now have a recess for January and be back to helping other PN members in February.
I will post on our PN webpage the date and member’s details.

Thank you.

Val Wilson Living Bee co-ordinator.