by Val Wilson

A  Dream, a plan for everyone not just in Cooroy but from all over the place will gather here. I love the plan but would like a clearer version so my thinking machine can go into every detail and see what a walk through the  building would look like.

A learning centre like this could use the visual approach so that when the gardens are growing quietly (  no humans on sight) a peep through the large clear windows will reveil quiet learning from the outside. This is what I would call open learning, in your face but teach at your own pace. So, if we go on the principle of multy tasking this building has so many uses. O, yes and with a tank off this meeting place, more water and close to the growing area. My  last comment, keep it simple, be humble in our choice of structure and be happy for this amazing opportunity to give our Community the sense of Community, love for every human that enters the garden and beauty so that  the real meaning of Permaculture  Care of Earth, Care of People and then the ultimate in life’s journey Sharing what knowledge we have learnt to engage people to explore the first two principles.     Thank you, have a great day…….