Hello Fellow Members & Friends

We are borrowing a fun re-gifting idea from Permaculture Gympie, this Thursday night, since it is our final club meeting for the year, 2017. All you need to do, if you would like to participate, is find something of yours that you just don’t use/need any longer, something that you feel someone might really get some value from, and wrap it up with something recycled, like newspaper, or anything that isn’t new. It could be wrapped in an old tea towel, it doesn’t matter, old tea towels make great rags.

On arrival, the Greeters, will gladly receive your gift and add it to the ‘Gift Table’. They will ask you whether or not, your gift is a girl or boy, or non-gender pressy, so that we can direct the gifts to people who will get value from them, as best we can.

All gifters, will be given a special badge. Come raffle time, we will have lots of gifts to share through the gifter group. I know, I have many things at home and in my shed that I haven’t used in ages, and I am sure you will too.

Let’s have some fun and do one of the Permaculture principles, people share.

Best of all you can write a note to the ‘Giftee’, telling of the history of your gift or perhaps some fun stuff you got to do with this gift, but perhaps, within reason everyone. Anyway, feel free to have some fun with this.

Looking forward to a ‘FUN NIGHT WITH YOU ALL’.

I will be providing a hamper raffle too, for the serious raffle on the night.

Looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.

Wendy Strathearn