Have you got seeds for this?

“First Fleet Lettuce” also known as “Convict Lettuce”
We have had a request from a fellow gardener for seed for this “First Fleet Lettuce” known as ‘Convict Lettuce”.
“I am trying to track down seed of the First Fleet Lettuce to grow in a Brisbane suburban garden, for personal use. Your group was recommended as a friend received seed from a member many years ago, and thought it may still be a seed that is shared within the group? …… Nonya”

According to Jerry Colby Williams “I love this lettuce for two reasons. Firstly, generations of Australian gardeners have acclimatised this cool temperate plant to suit our various climatic regions, from warm temperate Sydney to subtropical Brisbane. Secondly, unlike most other leafy vegetables, whenever I grow ‘First Fleet’ lettuce it never gets attacked by pests like aphids and caterpillars. And that makes me a happy organic gardener.”
Check out his website for more information

So if you can help, please contact me on 0413 875 769 or [email protected] or bring the seeds along to our Permaculture Noosa meeting. It would be lovely to have this lettuce seed saved in our seed bank.
Happy Gardening
Sue Anderson
Seed Saver Co-ordinator