? Secrets of growing the Happy Plants ?
Rather than planting a single row of seeds or plants, you cluster vegetables in strips or blocks that are up to six feet wide…. ?
Wide row planting is a garden layout method used to maximize space….
In order to obtain the finest quality vegetables, growth must be continuous and rapid. If plants are stopped in their growth, by too much or too little water, for example, they will begin worrying about death and how to circumvent death by making seeds that will ensure the survival of future generations. But as soon as a plant begins to think about seed production, it becomes tough and bitter, no longer fit for the table. This condition must be avoided at all costs…. ?
One way to protect plants from the effects of drying out, excessive cold, etc, is by creating a layer of thermal control between the surface of the soil and the canopy of their leaves. By spacing the plants in the bed close enough together, the leaf canopy is complete when the plants near their full size. This holds in moisture and protects against the drying action of sun and wind….. Just as a greenhouse ? protects plants from the harsh weather, so also the correct spacing of the plants in wide beds creates a protected zone at the soil surface. This also prevents a surface crust from forming on the soil and choking the plants around their crowns… 4 or 5 rows per bed for the carrots, and 3 rows per bed for the beets. This allows for the possibility of cultivation while the plants are still small, which keeps them growing quickly and happily, allowing the water to easily enter the soil, and also allowing the soil to breathe… ?
1: Wide rows allow you to grow more vegetables in less space…
2: Wide rows allow plants to grow more densely, crowding out weeds…
3: Wide rows allow plants mingle together, creating shade on the soil to keep it cooler and reduce evaporation… ?
4: Wide rows work best for vegetables that are harvested over time, such as lettuce, spinach, and green beans, rather than crops harvested in a short period of time such as corn ? and sorghum. ? With a biointensive planting method, you will put compost, usually made up of dry leaves and straw, kitchen scraps and clippings from the yard, back into the soil by mixing it into the ground really deep. It will allow for larger yields for crops because the soil will be more nutrient rich… ? Biointensive sustainable garden plants include any plants you can plant in your garden. ☀️
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